A downloadable game for macOS

A four player game of risk and reward.

The players must collect coins from the fat cat who’s hoarding all the cash. They can tap B to progress up to collect the coins, or tap A to 'squeak' and attempt to wake up the cat. 

If the cat wakes up, it'll swipe at any mice that are near to the cat. 

It's your choice to grab the cash or put put your friends in peril!

Controls (requires mini SNES controller): 

  • B to run
  • A to squeak


@julesRGB - Art

@Mattress_Man - 3D

@JakBoulton - Code

@Mikey_PB - Audio

AuthorTeam Squeak
TagsCute, Local multiplayer, party-game
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


LastMouseStanding.app.zip 39 MB

Install instructions

Requires USB SNES controllers until we update.

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